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7/8th Grade Band

Welcome to The 7/8 Grade Bands Webpage!

The Lexington Bands serve as a welcoming place for students to come and experience music while at the same time gaining valuable skills to help mature into productive adults. Our curriculum centers on musicianship and pride of accomplishment, followed closely by citizenship, tradition, spirit and loyalty. It is the pride of a job well done and the accomplishments achieved that make the sacrifice worthwhile. The success of the individual will lead to the success of the organization and vice versa. Additionally, our students grow as individuals as a result of discipline, high expectations, leadership emphasis, and social opportunities experienced in our program.

Thank you to our 2022-23 Sponsors: Horineck Auto Body, Lexington Gas and Go Store, McElderry Rentals LLC, Mid-State Manufactured Housing Corp., Sonic in Lexington, and Thunder Valley Ranch Hay and Cattle Co.

Lexington Band Sponsorship Letter

The Lexington Bands is a very successful band program with a wonderful group of students and Band Boosters. The Lexington Band Program is made up of 6th-12th graders.  The hard work and dedication of our students is what makes our bands so successful. From Friday night‐ lights, to the halftime shows, to the parades, concerts,contests, and the classroom, our students continue to excel in every aspect of the program.The band program teaches our students discipline, good work ethics, team‐building  skills, musicality, athleticism, camaraderie, sportsmanship, and respect, to name a few. The Lexington Band is highly respected and is crucial in building tomorrow’s leaders. However, with budget cutbacks, increasing numbers, and more rigorous expectations, we are in desperate need of help.

The Lexington Band Corporate Sponsorship Program is a great way for local businesses to become involved in shaping our students, providing them with much‐needed funds to keep the band program alive.

If you have any questions or need to contact the band director, Jamie Shepherd, please email her at or call her office phone at 405-527-7236 x232. 

Jamie Shepherd

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